Monday, 10 September 2012

IPSA publishes MPs’ business costs and expenses for 2011/12

The details below provide a summary of the costs incurred by me in carrying out my Parliamentary duties in 2011/12. MPs can only claim for costs which are within the rules set out in the MPs' Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses.

The figures released this week by IPSA provides constituents with a breakdown of the costs of running a busy constituency office and the expenses incurred in travelling and the costs of accommodation in London.

I want to provide my constituents with an open and accessible constituency office and with over 2,000 individual cases a year it is essential that they have access to a staffed office and over 82% of the expenditure incurred relates to the direct costs of office accommodation and staff salaries.

In addition to these costs, IPSA also cover the costs associated with travel to and from London when parliament is sitting and accommodation during the week and this accounts for the remaining 18%.

As a new MP elected in 2010, I continue to monitor closely the costs associated with fulfilling my duties and welcome the annual publication, where you can view details of my business costs and expenses, by IPSA.

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