Friday 31 August 2012

Share the Warmth

It’s tough times at the moment for everyone. Homes are facing increasing costs of living in food, fuel and energy. Charities across the Wigan Borough find it harder to find the resources to help people who are in need.

British Gas have announced something that may be able to help both those who are struggling to meet the cost of living and for charities trying to help  them.

The British Gas “Share the Warmth” offer. If a charity finds someone that meets their criteria for free insulation, British Gas will give them £50 for their troubles. They’ll also insulate the house of the vulnerable customer, and then give them £50 as well. No one needs to be a British Gas customer to take advantage.

If you’re not a charity and you know someone that could benefit from free insulation then you can get £50 as well too. If you’re a charity you can register here

If you’re an individual that knows someone that can benefit all you need do is get your friend or relative to call 0800 975 1195. 

This is a great opportunity for our community to come together and help those that need help. This offer ends in November so I hope you’ll be able to find someone who can access this programme. To find out more click here.

Thursday 30 August 2012

Luncheon Club success for Community Payback Team

Today, I visited a popular luncheon club run by Greater Manchester Probation Trust’s Community Payback team.
The club, which caters for the over-50s and runs six days a week from 12pm, has up to 30 regular attendees and serves healthy and hearty food, as well as providing a social environment. Offenders cook two-course meals, serve the food and tidy-up at the venue, which is at Worsley Mesnes Community Centre.

Community Payback is a punishment for breaking the law, rigorously supervised and enforced by probation. The luncheon club was first started in 1983 and has become a permanent fixture in the lives of scores of people. I met with Jane Frappola, Community Payback Officer and was introduced to both offenders and the beneficiaries who attended.

Offenders have the opportunity to learn cookery, first aid and hygiene qualifications. Representatives from the National Careers Service, Campaign for Learning and Training to All also attended.

It was fantastic to see the luncheon club in operation and at the forefront of encouraging offenders by providing training and the opportunity to learn new skills to help them back into the working environment, leaving crime behind. The Community Payback Team working with offenders are doing a great job and judging by the number of empty plates on show today, they know a thing or to about cooking!