Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Hindley Green success story!

Pic Sean Moloney
Local constituency visits are one of the most useful ways to learn about the issues facing people and business. Last week, I visited Belmont Packaging Ltd to celebrate the continuing success of the company which was a finalist for the 2011 Wigan Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award.

Since its inception in 1978, Belmont have recognised that as the market place demands change then so must the company to meet and adapt to the needs of the market in which it trades.

Central to this understanding is the ethos that drives the company forward; It actively encourages the co-operation, involvement and participation of all staff, calling on everybody's abilities, skills and experience for the good of the company and for the wellbeing of all those involved and associated with the business.
Belmont draws on the strengths and knowledge of all its partners to ensure it is continually experimenting, innovating, evolving and developing to meet the increasing demands of the market place and expectations of its customers and the benefit of all stakeholders.

Operating to 'LEAN MANUFACTURING' principles and standards Belmont specialise in the printing and converting of corrugated fibreboard products with our ‘in house’ skill base and years of practical experience backed up by an extensive range of modern machines, technology, equipment and systems.

I spent time talking with Managing Director, Sean Moloney and was pleased to learn that Belmont has become the largest corrugated products producer on Ebay UK.  A true diversification success.
Belmont’s customer base derives from all sectors of industry given the omnipresent and crucial nature of the cardboard box in today’s supply chain, both as a transit devise and point of sale tool.

Supplying the whole of the UK and Ireland Belmont makes full use of its reputation as a highly invested, modern and efficient manufacturing Plant, nowhere better is this demonstrated than in the fact that over 20% of its Sales are made to customers within its own industry, due to abilities Belmont have that others do not.

Sean Moloney said, “We pride ourselves on continual high investment in equipment and skills in the interests of efficiency, competitiveness and diversification, within an increasingly competitive market. Continual downward price pressure from the Retail sector makes this a prerequisite to success in the modern supply chain if done correctly. Belmont’s ability to ensure this in recent years has been second to none”.

“Unfortunately, as many manufacturing and agriculture companies are finding in the UK at present, imbalance in the allocation of “wealth” within the supply chain can put pressure on suppliers retaining and employing staff.”

“Once full efficiency has been installed the only costs that remain are those of labour. This imbalance must be changed if the economy in the UK is to recover via true wealth creation rather than continuous high retail sector profits, subsequent rising high unemployment and public sector cost cutting. Tax burdens increase if more of the population are unemployed and social provision demands increase. The problem of rising unemployment as a direct consequence of too much Retail power must be remedied if our economy is to become truly self-sustaining without the misguided solution of “over borrowing”, as has been the case over the last 40 years in the UK. Adding value to create wealth via Manufacturing must be a key part of the UK’s future.”

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