Thursday, 17 February 2011

More than just a Pharmacy

I recently Rowlands Pharmacy in Ashton Medical Centre and was impressed to see all the services pharmacy teams provide and the big difference staff were making to people’s lives.

Pharmacists play a vital role for local communities. As a member of the Health Select Committee, I was particularly keen to see how the pharmacy provides help and advice to customers. Today I saw for myself the day-to-day work that takes place in the pharmacy and the facilities and services it provides for the public across Ashton. I'm keen to see their role maintained and enhanced in the government's plans for NHS reform.

I was joined by Ashton Ward Cllr Nigel Ash, who is Chair of the Wigan Health and Well Being Board – a new part of Wigan Council that will co-ordinate the development of local health and well being services.

The visit finished with a discussion with three regular customers who shared their stories of pharmacy care and how Rowlands helps them cope with all the medicines they take. Eileen Eccles and her husband Joseph and Frank Rigby, another regular who cares for his elderly father told me how they appreciate the help and advice they receive from the staff at the pharmacy.

I also met with Bruce Prentice who is the current secretary of the local pharmacy group covering the borough and pharmacist, Josie Walsh based at Rowlands.