Thursday, 21 February 2013

More Than Words

A pioneering Community Interest Company (CIC) welcomed me to its Platt Bridge home this week.

More than Words Advocacy CIC gives people with learning disabilities a means of expressing themselves through the Self Advocacy Board Project and have their say about life in our borough. The project is supported by Wigan Council and the findings are reported back to the Learning Disability Partnership Board to influence future planning. The group uses art, drama, dance, games and poetry to explain and express the views of others –  particularly those with more complex needs.

According to Mencap less than 1 in 5 people with a learning disability work compared with 1 in 2 disabled people generally, but at least 65% of people with a learning disability want to work.

Of those people with a learning disability that do work, most only work part time and are low paid. More than Words provides an environment where people can express themselves and build confidence and judging by today’s visit they are succeeding and I wish them well for the future.

More than Words, Sue Seager said, “We were delighted our local MP Yvonne, took time out to visit the project and has committed to raising people’s issues in the course of her work. More Than Words offers a range of Services for children, young people and Adults with Learning Disabilities. Our dramatherapy ethos is to use whatever works best to support people to communicate and take control in their lives. ”

To find out more about More Than Words call Sue on 01942 735426 or email.

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