Friday, 5 October 2012

More than just a Cinema

With Nicola Wood and Norman Brown
I visited the Empire Cinema in Wigan to see for myself the role cinema plays in bringing employment and enjoyment to local people.

Cinema is a major contributor to our economy, directly employing some 17,500 people across the country. Here in Wigan, General Manager Nicola Wood took me on a special behind-the-scenes tour. I was able to see first-hand how a modern cinema operates, and to hear how cinemas help contribute to a vibrant local economy.
Cinemas across the country are currently in the midst of wholesale conversion to digital projection technology after decades of relying on celluloid. Almost three-quarters of UK screens already show films in this new format. When the digitisation process is complete in the UK, the need annually to use around 109,000 miles of film – enough to circle the Earth four-and-a-half times – will disappear.

I really enjoyed the visit and was pleased to see how Empire is investing in the latest technologies like digital and 3D cinema and the innovative role that it plays in the local community through its many promotions aimed at bringing the enjoyment of cinema to all sections of the community.

Nicola Wood said, “Here at Empire Wigan we are committed to providing affordable cinema to all. We have a number of money saving initiatives in place that really do cater for everyone.  Local families looking for a family-friendly cinema trip can take advantage of Empire Juniors, showing some of the greatest classic family films and recent releases every Saturday and Sunday morning."

"All our schemes support Empire Wigan’s position of being the best value cinema in the area and demonstrate our commitment to offering our customers access to the latest new releases at economical prices.”

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