Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Here's to Pubs!

I joined with Wigan MP, Lisa Nandy and dropped in on Landlord Ian Thorpe at The Anvil on Dorning Street to celebrate British Pub Week.

Pubs inject an average of £80,000 into their local communities and pay over £100,000 in tax. The industry employs over 540,000 people directly and 380,000 in associated trades and account for 35% of the ‘eating out’ market (Source: The Publican).

Landlord Ian Thorpe welcomed us and spoke about the unique challenges facing the industry, including over regulation, alcohol tax hikes and the effect cheap booze sold by the off licence trade has on the pub.

Well-run pubs are the bedrock of community life – They deserve support and government needs to back pubs and reform the beer tie to deliver a fairer deal for consumers.

Lisa Nandy MP said, "Wigan boasts some top class pubs which provide a vital social and leisure service to the town. As a fan of real ale I was delighted to be able to sample some of the brews on offer at the Anvil.”


  1. I think the magic word above is Landlord, this is a sign of a well managed and responsible pub..so many town centre pubs have managers who don't seem to care about anything but selling drinks for profit and not caring about the the customer who is drinking far to much and causing problems. This to me has caused the over regulation of pubs and bars if we had responsible landlords in all pubs who would stop serving people when it is apparent they have had enough to drink then these regulations would not be so strict or even exist as would the huge alcohol tax hikes trying to deter people from binge drinking!

  2. brown kicked the guts out of the pub system,and i will never forget that.it makes me ashamed to see young men and women having to stand in pub doorways to have a cigarette on night out.ENGLISH MEN AND WOMEN reduced to this,by new labour.did yvonne and lisa sweep by any of these on their visit?i wonder if they had anything to say to them.what do lisa and yvonne think should be done about those men and women-isn't it time,now that brown has gone,to overturn his maniac policy?a young man growing up in this country now will have no idea of what is now disappearing in front of his eyes,what used to be.why are pubs closing,really-i say it is because of the smoking ban-is it really credible to say otherwise?