Friday, 26 November 2010

'Use it, don't lose it,' as cuts package could hit local Library

A review of council spending on the borough’s libraries has ignited a campaign to save Ashton Library from the threat of closure.

Wigan Council have confirmed that, in line with government spending cuts, the library service will need to cut £1.1million from its budget over the next 3 years.

Council bosses accept that the review will ‘necessitate significant changes in the shape and scale of the service’.

I joined Labour’s Ashton and Bryn Ward councillors Nigel Ash and Ann Rampling to urge local people to use the central Ashton facility.

I know that money is tight and that the council are grappling with a cuts package not of its own making but as a major town in the borough, with the third busiest library, Ashton Library is well placed to meet the needs of users and the wider community.

The consultation commences on Monday, 29th November and runs through to 31st March 2011.

Update. Sign the online petition organised by Ashton Ward Councillor, Nigel Ash here.