Friday, 21 October 2011

Ex-Battery hens get the ‘Good life’ thanks to Lucky Hens Rescue

The biggest revival in hen-keeping since the Second World War is under way in Britain and leading the ‘good life’ in Wigan is LuckyHens Rescue run by Alison Thorpe with the support of her husband Dane.

I visited the rescue centre today see for myself one of the fastest growing activities in the UK.
Around 700,000 of us now keep hens, saving money in tough times by having our own supply of eggs.

The boom in grow-your-own fruit and vegetables has spilled over to keeping hens, which was common in Britain during the war when eggs were rationed.With the credit crunch still biting, the fun of keeping hens and the prospect of having freshly laid eggs for breakfast by simply popping out to the garden has become more appealing.

Alison Thorpe told me that when LuckyHens Rescue receive the hens they are often in a terrible state caused by the stress of living in cramped cages, unable to walk, spread their wings, perch, scratch for food or even enjoy natural daylight, everything a normal hen should be able to do.

Once the hens have settled into their new surroundings at LuckyHens Rescue they start to lay again. Hens are flock animals and it is important that when they join a new home that they are kept together in small groups.

LuckyHens Rescue are also developing links with the local community and schools and are working with Greater Manchester Police and the Youth Offending Team to provide educational activities for young people.

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