Monday, 9 May 2011

Local Election Results

People are turning towards Labour once again, to be their voice in tough times. As well as the biggest share of the vote, we have won back some of the great cities from the Liberal Democrats in the north, and won councils from the Conservatives in the south. But we have got further to go.

Across the Wigan Borough we gained seats including that of Michael Winstanley in Orrell, current Mayor and leading Conservative in the Borough. Congratulations to Stephen Murphy for his victory in Orrell and also Joel Haddley in Ashton.

These results reflect people’s deep unhappiness with what this Tory-led Government is doing. It was a very bad night for Nick Clegg. But also a bad night for David Cameron. He failed to win a mandate at the last general election and has only been able to force through his right-wing, badly thought through policies because of Liberal Democrat support.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg want to get back to business as usual. Instead they should listen, and change.

For full details of the results here in Wigan click here

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