Monday, 4 April 2011

Know Your Blood Pressure

I am lending my support to The Stroke Association’s Know Your Blood Pressure campaign and am urging the people of Makerfield to get their blood pressure checked in a bid to raise awareness of the dangerous link between high blood pressure and stroke.

I had my blood pressure tested last week at a Parliamentary Know Your Blood Pressure event hosted by The Stroke Association. With annual Know Your Blood Pressure day fast approaching on the 9th April this was just one of hundreds of events which are taking place across the UK throughout the year to encourage the public to get their blood pressure checked in order to reduce their risk of stroke.
Every year 150,000 people will have a stroke in the UK, however it is estimated that 40% of these could be prevented by controlling high blood pressure.

Thousands of strokes could be prevented every year if more people took steps to control their blood pressure. Having your blood pressure taken is a quick and painless measure and it’s one that could save your life. I’d strongly urge everyone to visit The Stroke Association’s website to find out if there is an event in your local area or make an appointment with your GP to get tested.

Over the last year more than 20,500 people have had their blood pressures taken at Know Your Blood Pressure events throughout the UK.  Over 40% of people were recorded as having high blood pressure. 

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