Wednesday, 6 April 2011

International Womens Day (IWD) - Haigh Hall

Wigan Council have kindly forwarded to me some photos from the IWD event at Haigh Hall last month.

More pics can be accessed on Facebook here.

Hundreds of young women came together to mark IWD in a unique celebrate event at Haigh Hall.

The Very Important Females event, celebrating years of youth work with young women, coincided with celebrations across the globe to mark 100 years of IWD.

The Wigan Borough event, organised by Wigan Council’s Positive Activities for Young People team, saw young women currently attending girls groups across the borough come together with other women who may have benefited from this work in the past.

I was asked to say a few words and told those attending the positive influence my Mum played in my life. My dad wanted a more traditional role for me - get married and have kids but my mum persuaded him to let me go to university and that was such a positive event in my life and opened up a world of possibilities. I did later get married and have one very special daughter!

This year’s celebration had an international feel with Alexia Papin, Wigan Council’s Ambassadress for Angers in France, also attending. Lowton Girls Group delivered workshops on sexual exploitation and urged other young women to be cautious of who they meet online and what information they share on sites like Facebook.

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