Friday, 25 May 2012

Jubilee Time Capsule

I have recorded my personal Jubilee Time Capsule memory and am encouraging local people to take part.

I chose my first memory of a photograph with my favourite Teddy called ‘Teddy 1’ taken in 1960.

The Royal Commonwealth Society’s Jubilee Time Capsule project is collating memories from the last 60 years across the Commonwealth. Memories that are uploaded do not have to be about Her Majesty the Queen or Royal Family.

I can remember the photographer encouraging me to smile only for me to say I didn’t want my photo taking. At this point my Mum steps forward telling me that Teddy 1 wanted his picture taken and would I hold him!

It holds happy memories of my childhood years.

The Jubilee Time Capsule is a great opportunity for local people to get involved in not only the Diamond Jubilee but also take part in the world’s largest online history project by uploading a memory and record a piece of their own personal history - a snapshot in time.

You can upload your memory here.

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