Friday, 9 March 2012

Kellogg's gives local school a helping hand at breakfast time!

Winstanley Community Primary Care Club received a boost today after cereal company Kellogg’s awarded a grant worth £450 to help fund its breakfast club.

Winstanley Community Primary School is one of 500 schools from across the country to receive a grant after research by Kellogg’s revealed that one in eight breakfast clubs have been forced to close because of budget cuts.

Kellogg’s launched the ‘Help give a child a breakfast’ campaign last October to help bridge the funding gap for schools as research showed the detrimental impact the closure of breakfast clubs could have according to teaching professionals across the UK.

I lent my support to the campaign by writing to local primary schools encouraging them to submit an application.

Eileen Sweeney, Winstanley Community Care Club Coordinator said, “Breakfast clubs are a lifeline for many children but with budgets being tight they could sadly become an unaffordable luxury in future."

“The grant will really help our club and we’ll look forward to spending the money on some new equipment and games for the children as well as a selection of the children’s favourite cereals.” 

I’m really pleased the school successfully applied for the grant to help it improve its breakfast club. Evidence demonstrates that getting kids to start the day with breakfast is so important in increasing attendance, punctuality and concentration levels as well as improved social skills.

Bruce Learner - Head of Corporate Responsibility and Partnerships Kellogg Europe said, “I’m really pleased we were able to help out. Breakfast clubs like the one at Winstanley Primary School are such lively and energetic places: a brilliant way to start the school day.”

Kellogg’s is donating £230,000 in total through the campaign which will provide one million breakfasts by the end of 2012.

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