Friday, 18 March 2011

Students take up free 'proof of age card' thanks to CitizenCard

Together with CitizenCard, the UK’s largest ID & proof of age card scheme I visited Winstanley College today to promote a free CitizenCard for every student.

CitizenCard contains the PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) hologram and a customised holographic overlay. UV (ultraviolet) marks also appear on both sides of the card providing certainty to retailers about whether a cardholder is over 18 years of age.

The Pass hologram means that each CitizenCard is recognised as valid ID under the law. For providing proof of age, it’s as legitimate as a photo-driving licence and more convenient than a passport.

Cardholders benefit from access to CitizenCard’s new ‘Lealta’ discount programme offering discounts at over 200 national brands including Asda, Debenhams, HMV and Top Shop. A further 20,000 local cinema, fast food and retail outlets are also offering discounts.

I was joined by CitizenCard’s Nigel Catlow and Wigan Warrior's Sam Tomkins to raise awareness of the CitizenCard and to encourage students to take up the free offer.

Young people are rightly concerned about taking their passport with them on a night out, due to the risk of theft or loss, and they require a reliable document. Retailers, Pubs and Clubs can be confident that the CitizenCard with its unique PASS hologram is proof of the age of the card holder.

Nigel Catlow, CitizenCard’s Marketing Manager said, “CitizenCards contain UV and holographic security that gives doorstaff, licensees and shop staff in Makerfield the reassurance they need that the cardholder is an adult. Our collaboration with Yvonne Fovargue MP means that young adults in Makerfield can save £15 and apply for a card free of charge.”

Each CitizenCard is issued only after the applicant’s identity and age have been rigourously checked. 14% of CitizenCard applicants are never issued as they fail the rigorous application process and in 4% of cases either the applicant or verifier are threatened with prosecution for suspected fraud (2006 UK Fraud Act).

A Free CitizenCard application form is available by calling my constituency office on 01942 824029.

Since 1999 more than two million cards have been issued at no cost to the taxpayer. Further information about CitizenCard is available here.    

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