Tuesday, 22 June 2010

‘We are definitely not all in this together,’ says Fovargue as ConDem budget breaks promise not to increase VAT

“A budget that will put recovery at risk and hit people on modest incomes,” was the verdict of Yvonne Fovargue MP today.

The Makerfield MP blasted the ConDem coalition government for implementing larger and quicker reductions in the deficit that risk jobs and growth as well as implementing a regressive VAT hike that will ‘off-set’ the rise in personal allowances designed to help poorer income groups.

Yvonne said, “David Cameron was very keen to say during the general election campaign that he had no plans to raise VAT but today we saw the same old Tories penalising the poorest in Makerfield and at the same time signalling cuts in benefits."

“Today’s announcements are a double whammy for the borough coming on top of the axing of the Future Jobs Fund, Child Trust Fund and the already announced £3.5million of cuts to council funding with further cuts on the horizon.”

The new MP attacked the Tories for making the same mistakes which decimated northern towns and communities in the 1980s. She added, “We know what happens when you cut with impunity. These cuts will put jobs at risk in both the public and private sectors. My fear is that they will happen at such a rate that new jobs will not be created in the economy to take their place.”